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A film for Shelley.


There are many different options as to the type of film we could make for Shelley, but here are a few ideas and examples. Every film we make is different. There is no set formula and we are very happy to meet and chat through ideas together. As a start however:


interview based films

We could make an interview based film, with Shelley talking in detail about her story, her reflections, her challenges, triumphs, her family, her hopes for the future. A film like this would be supported with photographs, archive film footage, music and graphics.  It could be shot in one location like the first example, or include more locations and footage like the second example below. More than any other medium, these autobiographical films capture the essential character of a person. They preserve memories, opinions and advice.

In this clip from Evelyn’s film, she describes the moment that her mother found out that her son had survived the Holocaust.


Adam, Headmaster, talks about his childhood and what his career means to him.


documentary style film

documentary style film based around Shelley’s life. This would feature interviews with Shelley, and also with other key people in her life, past and present - family, friends, work and other colleagues, children and families who she has helped.   Interviews would be shot in different locations and the film could include footage of Shelley with family, at work, in places of significance in her life.    We are currently working on two films which are focusing on the careers of two men, celebrating a 60th and 70th birthday.

An excerpt from a film documentary telling the story of one family’s WW2 survival in Siberia. The film involved interviews and readings from all family members, and old and new footage.


celebration film

tribute film - this is a film where Shelley would not necessarily be involved herself, but could feature others talking about her, and in so doing, telling her story.

In this film, children and grandchildren wish their grandparents a very happy 70th wedding anniversary!


and finally, just because i think you will enjoy…

Our Growing Up project has been running for 6 years, during which we have filmed hundreds of children. Commissioned by parents, the films capture the children’s innocent honesty and self conscious humour. Here is one young man talking about being a big brother and training cats… amongst other things.