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A snapshot in time. We film families at home, eliciting your children’s views on the important things in their young lives.


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It is not possible to put a price on memories. As a family, we have never taken enough photographs, let alone video. To have this video that is a snapshot in time is priceless. Tapestry were fantastic - very easy to work with and very professional. It had to be right. And it was. It is an incredible thing that we will all cherish for the rest of our lives. And hopefully generations that are yet to be born!
— Nick Wheeler, Founder, Charles Tyrwhitt




Most families have reels of footage of their children blowing out birthday candles and messing about in the holiday pool but they don't have a record of exactly who their children were, their thoughts and aspirations, how they regarded their siblings, or even just how their young voices sounded. We elicit your children's views on the important things in their young lives in short films that will entertain you (and them, and their children) for a lifetime..



Sometimes we spend one day with a family, and other times we may spend up to a week filming in your home. We interview the children (and sometimes the parents too). We talk about school and family life, hobbies, aspirations, opinions and ambitions, and we film the children at play in and around their home. The resulting films are funny and touching, and a lasting memory of a precious moment in time in their childhood.


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The film is absolutely WONDERFUL! Your questions brought out both Natasha and Michael’s personalities and Richard had some fabulous shots of them. Can’t begin to say how much it means to us.
— Vinnie Ng
I didn’t get anything done today as every time I went to the computer I ended up watching the film over and over again! Thank you both so very much.
— Annie Woolf