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Growing Up

Your Children,
Year By Year,
On Film


We film interviews with your children each year as a record of their personalities as they grow up.


Each year, we interview children whose parents want a record of their progress through childhood and adolescence.  We talk to the children about their lives at home and at school, about their interests, opinions and aspirations. As parents of older offspring we know the value of preserving these young voices, their innocent honesty and unconscious humour, because they change so fast. We spend up to an hour with each child and the film you receive is usually between 25-40 minutes in duration.

These are not just films for parents and grandparents to treasure but for the children themselves eventually to show their own children and grandchildren.

1. Book online
By clicking on the link below, or call us on 07966 255723
2. Filming
In our studio in Hampstead
3. Editing
By our talented and professional editors
4. Delivery of your film
Via a link to a downloadable digital file. Copies also available on DVD and Memory Stick.


individual films

Filming children individually allows us to have an uninterrupted conversation with minimal distraction.


siblings films

Films of brothers and sisters together are all about their relationship and the dynamic between them.


3 siblings films

Filming three siblings together can be funny, touching and sometimes chaotic!

Thank you so much for the films. They have been a huge hit and provided much entertainment for us and all the family. It certainly gave us some insight into the way the boys think and we were really amazed at how Josh could fabricate his fantastical life with a completely straight face throughout. I must look out for the German police shop that sells handcuffs the next time we visit the Eiffel Tower! Brilliant stuff and films that we will treasure always.
— Jake & Josh's Mum