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We talk to the children about their lives at home and at school, about their interests, opinions and aspirations.


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We celebrated my husband’s birthday last night and “premiered” the boys growing Up film. I wanted to say a huge thank you! It was brilliant and we all loved watching it. There were so many funny moments and it captured the boys beautifully. It will be a treasured memory for years to come.
— Ben, Sam and Jake's Mum

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Talking to three siblings together can be chaotic but is often very funny! It is wonderful to see your three children together on camera but don’t expect an in- depth interview with each one! This is much more a film about the dynamics between the three children and often features a sensitive and caring older sibling trying to keep the youngest in check!

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As always, so lovely to watch the film...and so interesting to see their unique personalities and relationships.
— Josh, Saul and Maya's Mum
We laughed ourselves silly - thank you for capturing so much of our sons’ differing personalities (and the impact of ours on them) so well.
— Fox, Orson and Wolfram's Mum