Growing Up (3 siblings)


mary, alice and peter’s Mum

What a wonderful film! Thank you for having the patience to deal with my three quite different personalities! 

ellie, josh and zac’s Mum

“This is exactly what I want! The titles, the length, the composition, Suzanne’s voice, everything, LOVE IT !! Thank you both for your hard work”

bea, maya and leila’s Mum

The film is so lovely, thank you. I literally can't wait for him (my husband) to see it. Thank you so much for helping to create a really memorable gift.

ben, jake and sam’s Mum

“We just celebrated my husband's birthday last night and "premiered" the boys’ growing Up film. I wanted to say a huge thank you! It was brilliant and we all loved watching it. There were so many funny moments (and a few cringe moments), but it captured the boys beautifully and will be a treasured memory for years to come.”

callie, rowan and miles’s Mum

“Thank you for sending the film through.  It's lovely.  We have enjoyed watching it very much and the children certainly seemed to have enjoyed making it.   I am sure they will love seeing it again when they are older and it's a wonderful thing for us to have (and send to the family in Sri Lanka).”

Fox, orson and wolfram’s mum

We laughed ourselves silly - thank you for capturing so much of our sons' differing personalities ( and the impact of ours on them) so well. 

Please mark your calendar to write to me next August for the next session. ”

josh, saul and maya’s mum

“As always,  so lovely to see the kids on film...and so interesting to see their unique personalities. They are so different...my mind is spinning seeing them ‘up close’!!”

zac, ellie and josh’s dad

“The interviews with Ellie, Josh and Zac and the fantastic video were a complete surprise for my birthday.   Everyone in the room was blown away - evident in the seemingly choreographed group expressions!   Absolutely fantastic, you captured some wonderful wonderful moments... and made me look not too bad as well  :-)

Quite a few people commented on how brilliant a job you both have!  Thanks again.  Precious.  Will be fun to watch the kids viewing them years from now … .”