Every film we make feels like a film it is important to make.
— Richard Hill, Director

Richard hill & suzanne friend


Richard Hill and Suzanne Friend met working on the parents' association of their childrens' school. Suzanne ran a successful PR company until breaking off to look after her three sons. Richard was an award winning film-maker looking for a more meaningful challenge than the commercial world he worked in.

"We both regretted never filming our parents because we wished our children could have known what their grandparents were really like and could understand a little more about our families' stories. Tapestry Pictures was born when we realised that most people feel like this and would love to preserve family memories.

Now we produce films of oral history and grandparents' reflections, portraits of children at a particular moment in their growing up, moving tributes of all kinds, records of family life and family events.

Every day we see how much our projects mean to people and the care we put into each job reflects this sense of value. Anyone looking at our work will recognise its distinctive empathy, style and humour. The wonderful thing about our business is that we really believe the work needs to be done and we really love doing it."