autobiographical films


Rhoda Harris

“When my daughter asked me if I would like to have my life history recorded, I found the idea very exciting. I so enjoyed the whole experience from my first interview to the day of filming, I just didn't want it to end.

I have watched my video many times now and it fascinates me that, although I know my own story so well and I know it's me telling that story, each time I see it is like the first time.

Lots of joy and lots of sadness and I love it, and hope that future generations of my family will appreciate knowing me and hearing about my life.”

linda bloom

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Tapestry Pictures on our family’s story. We were initially apprehensive but Suzanne made it seamless, supporting and holding our hand through the process, and communicating with great sensitivity and professionalism.  The result is a priceless and beautiful archive of our family’s history which we will treasure for future generations – a true gift.  Thank you Tapestry Pictures!”

lesley fineman

“We wanted to have a record of our parent’s history and contacted Tapestry. We were all unsure what to expect from the undertaking, but thought it would be a good way of having some form of testimonial that we could share with the growing family.  What a fabulous experience! The end result has been received with a great deal of awe and wonder from all generations that these two elderly people actually had  fascinating, captivating and interesting lives.  We are so pleased to have had our hands held by ‘Tapestry’ throughout this process and would highly recommend the experience to anyone interested in their family past and its  impact on the family future. December 2018

tibor elias

“I don’t know how to put it and what to say, but it is “Bloody Terrific”!You really did a fantastic job editing it and putting so many relevant photos into it. I want to thank you both for your effort and professional treatment of the subject.  Even I, who has “been and done it” enjoyed watching it. Thank you, on behalf of our whole family.” November 2018

johnny smetana

“I have just watched the film for the third time and whilst I know there are still a few small tweaks to be made before we have the final finished product, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the end result.

I/We started this process with a vision and a specific objective and I wanted you both to know that I am really happy that you have managed to understand and interpret both and make them a reality. Whilst some may say this was perhaps a little self-indulgent, I found the experience and end result both cathartic and fulfilling, which was in no small part due to the professionalism and empathy which you brought to the process. I sincerely hope that my children and grandchildren will appreciate this and cherish this for many years to come.”

bronek masojada

“Tapestry Pictures created a wonderful family history, integrating video footage shot by me, visual images and specifically shot interviews to create a record that will live for generations. A particular triumph was great editing to sympathetically incorporate an interview with my elderly father. We watched the flm with my entire family at Christmas (my parents, their children and grandchildren). There was a stunned silence then applause when the video ended. Most of the grandchildren thanked me for explaining their history and it was a lot more emotional for all of my siblings and I. A real record of our history. Even my father - who is now suffering real memory loss - was moved by the whole event. It exceeded all of our expectations and will be a great record for our family”

Jenny noe nordberg

“For many years we've searched for a way to help our children understand and appreciate their interesting heritage. Our family is scattered across the globe and we were concerned that much of our family's history might be lost or forgotten by our children due to distance, cultural and language differences."

nicky shinder

“We just finished the film, we’ve been savouring it in bite size installments & we think it’s fabulous, funny & very sweet.   A lovely laugh, I’m so pleased we did it... you did a marvellous job with your gentle line of questions. Something to treasure always”.


“Tapestry were fantastic to work with. They were professional and steered the film in the right direction by asking relevant and important questions and then edited the material concisely. Tapestry achieved exactly what we were hoping to achieve, a film documenting my parents' life stories and their families' histories while incorporating historical facts and photographs. We are so pleased with the outcome and we will cherish the film we have forever. Our children and their future families will now be able to watch their grandparents.”

leanda kroll

“I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the film of my Dad. I'm so glad you did it for me - especially at this time in his life when he is reflecting a lot - I think the whole experience has been very therapeutic for him and I am so glad that our children and grandchildren can know who their grandfather and great-grandfather was'“.