Growing Up (siblings)


Felix and isabelle’s mum

“We absolutely loved it and laughed very much throughout - thank you for what will be a wonderful memory for life and we would definitely love to repeat the filming next year. We particularly appreciated that you have captured the children very happy, smiley with a lovely close bond between them which is very warming to watch as parents.”

Rhys and Skye’s mum

“We have just received our ‘Growing Up’ film and are absolutely delighted with it!  Suzanne and Richard captured our children perfectly and have provided the most wonderful memories for us to treasure. This is our second film and we will definitely be continuing for many years to come. Thank you so much to both of them for their amazing hard work, personal attention and flexibility!  We would highly recommend them to all!”

Abbie and Imogen’s Mum

“we just watched it and it is absolutely fabulous!
You really got them opening up and being very sweet together too which was gorgeous. I have a bit more insight into our relationships too.
thank you so much…..
look forward to next year!


“Just to say we received the film today and watched it for the first time together with my parents. We absolutely loved it and laughed very much throughout - thank you for what will be a wonderful memory for life and we would definitely love to repeat the filming next year. We particularly appreciated that you have captured the children very happy, smiley with a lovely close bond between them which is very warming to watch as parents.”

Charlotte and George’s Mum

“The film is brilliant! We all so much enjoyed watching it over Christmas.”

mischa and nina’s mum

“I love the film! I love how occasionally Mischa veers into fantasy land (skiing naked), and how Nina seems mostly in fantasy land. ”


rhys and skye’s mum

“We had a fabulous time watching the video, thank you so much 😊”

Lir and fionn’s mum

“Just watched the footage of your interview with Fionn and Lir - lovely and awesome…. as usual. Well done!”

charles-edouard and victoria’s mum

“The amount of silly things kids can say in 42 minutes...!!!  The film captures great moments of them at age 3 and 2.  They have already changed so much since the filming only 2.5mo ago.”

bea and tom’s father

“Thanks for this, the results are fantastic. It's wonderful to see your kids from a different angle and get a sense of the people they are when you are not around. I love it”

charlotte and george’s Mum

“Thanks so much for this – the result is just amazing!”

tara and arya’s Mum

“Thank you so much for the video! Omg we laughed so much tonight! What a fabulous memoryr.”

laurence and gabriel’s Mum

“They are HILARIOUS.”

lila and amiela’s Mum

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful film you made about the girls. And what a pleasure to see!.”

max and grace’s Mum

“We love the film - it's genius! I'm not even going to begin to defend the fact that while I do sing in the morning I am not naked, as my dad told me the only people to speak the truth are kids and drunks!

Thanks for including the prep footage, it's a great intro to the film. And what beautiful lighting you use, they look almost angelic!

Thanks again to you and Richard..”

george and amelia’s Mum

“Suzanne - I can’t stop laughing… this is quite wonderful and hilarious. Goodness they really are a couple of fidgets!

It’s fantastic and will be treasured and giggled at for years to come… Mike was in hysterics at the Purple Rain comment!

Thank you so much..”

dani and mateo’s Mum

“I just wanted to drop you a line: I promised the boys that we were going to watch the movie you made two years ago, again. So we just finished it. What a wonderful memory. We laughed a lot. And I am very happy to have watched it as now that I can see how Mateo’s teeth were like two years ago, it hurts me that little bit less to pay the quarterly invoices from his orthodontist.”

freddie and lucas’s dad

“Thanks for the film,  its brilliant and love it.  Its amazing to compare them to the year before.”

amy and adam’s Mum

“We finally managed to watch the film tonight – it was wonderful!  Thank you so much, you have perfectly captured Amy and Adam. ”

lily and sam’s dad

“Thank you so much for welcoming Lily and Sam again.  They really had a blast doing the filming, and the result is superb as usual”

ziyan and aiyla’s Mum

“The film is beautiful. We laughed. We CRIED! How cute are my children? HAHAHAH!!! Thank you - the film is perfect and will be treasured for a lifetime! x

martha and stanley’s mum

“Mike absolutely loved the film (as did I). It was a great present and you did a great job with an unruly 5 year old! It's a perfect snapshot in time of each of them and their relationship”.

max and bea’s father

“Many thanks for the video which we watched yesterday. It’s brilliant, very funny. They make quite a double act!”

vanck and lasch’s parents

“We LOVE the footage you put together of the boys - and it was a mega hit with the grandparents and indeed Daddy on Christmas Day.  A huge thank you for all your hard work.”

alina and riyan’s Mum

“We finally had the chance to watch this film and we LOVE it! Thank you so much for capturing their personalities so well at this point in time.”

lila and amiela’s Mum

“So delightful to see my girls’ record of such in integral part of their lives to date.  Wonderful!”

max and millie’s mum

“Many thanks for this. We watched half last night and are still chuckling about it.

1. Does Millie ever stop talking…..

2. Max has been asked to go to the shops once, and yes, he got the wrong butter

Looking forward to seeing what comes up in the second half..”

jack and sophie’s Mum

“I love the film- such a joy for us! See you next year :)”

patrick and rory’s Mum

“Lovely film!  We have just watched the whole thing.  Patrick’s expressions were a hoot - he is so cheeky.  Lovely to compare with the last two years and see how they have changed.”

charlotte and oliver’s mum

“What an absolute treat the growing up film is!  We only (!) watched it twice last night, mostly holding our bellies, laughing with tears of joy in our eyes...  My face muscles still hurt!   It is at times like this that we understand how absolutely fun our jobs as parents is and forget for a moment how difficult it can be most of the time...

Thank you for producing such an enjoyable and fantastic film of our children. How you got them to sit still and speak with you so sweetly must be your amazing talent, for which we are grateful.    Many thanks once again!”

leo and sebastian’s Mum

“Oh my goodness this is just fantastic I am crying watching this! It's brilliant!

Thank you so much for capturing these precious moments. Again a huge thank you to both you and Richard, absolute genius!

Book us in again for next year

Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

freddie and lucas’s dad

“Thank you so much,  I watched the video last night.

Interesting to see how they have changed from previous years and also their behaviour towards each other!  How soon can I pencil in next august?  Around the same time!!!”

aarya and alyssa’s mum

“Thank you so much! This video is incredible and is such a fantastic snapshot of my children's lives. We are so pleased with the outcome and couldn't have asked for a better end product.”

adam and amy’s mum

“The film is so lovely and funny to watch.   Amazing also how quickly things change, I noticed a couple of hobbies and habits that have already stopped and it is great to have them on film.”

sami and imani’s Mum

““Thank you very much for the video! We really enjoyed watching it. The kids were clearly very comfortable with the interviewer and very open about their views, which was lovely.  They also told me after the filming that they had really enjoyed the experience- I think they liked being in the spotlight for a while.””

ed and joe’s Mum

“We loved the film! The boys looked so grown up it was scary. It is such a treasure to have the film of them and you managed to extract some great snippets.  Thank you so much!”

laurence and gabriel’s Mum

““We have had side splitting funny moments watching the film and anticipate that other members of the family will feel similarly. ”

angelina and isabella’s DAD

““I have just seen the usb of the girls that you sent and it is absolutely hilarious.

Thank you very much. I thoroughly enjoyed it (I didn't know whether to laugh or cry about the bit with the boyfriends)......”

caitlin and felix’s Mum

“I just wanted to say how much we love our film. Thank you!  I think we’ll see you again in two years time”

jamie and alice’s Mum

“We love it. You’ve done a great job. The kids even enjoyed watching it and the grandparents were in floods of tears, so you must be doing something right.    We’ll be doing it every year for sure.”

max and bea’s mum

““Many thanks for the film - we thought it was excellently done and so funny. We will be back for another next year!”

phoebe and kaya’s mum

“The interviews are really lovely. We’re delighted we decided to go ahead, and think you’ve done a great job. It’s so interesting to see how the girls express themselves and what they say when they're talking to someone they don’t know!”

oscar and naomi’s Mum

“Thank you so much for this. The kids refuse to watch it (not unusual I imagine, too embarrassed) but my husband and I have done at least four times already. There's something new to enjoy each time. 

It's lovely to have captured them while they're still so young but already so talkative. I'm sure we shall be back for more as they get older.”

xander and kai’s dad

“I came across this wonderful company through the boys' school and just had a video of the boys made with them and it was one of the best sums of money I ever spent! I had to share it. They made a video of Xander and Kai and asked them fantastic questions..... I received a 45-minute film of the funniest replies from my boys - it was literally like being a fly on the wall and forms an invaluable memory of what they are like as kids and what they thought. They answered in a way they would never interact with us. 

I wanted to reiterate how thrilled we are with the end result. Really a memory to treasure. I didn't think my boys had so much to say - I am so used to monosyllabic answers that to get to see them "unplugged" was a rare treat. Much more so than my wedding video (where is it??), this will be watched repeatedly by us and brought a lot of laughter together with tears at times (good ones!). Thank you for creating this special memory for us ..... I know it will be a source of happiness for my husband and I, my kids and even their kids! ”

rory and patrick’s mum

“The film is absolutely brilliant - thank you so much.  We were laughing out loud in parts, particularly at the description of our very strange, tree-less, flower-less garden where we burn sheds and playhouses...all true, but what they failed to mention is that we are in the middle of a major landscaping project!!

You did a fantastic job with the boys and we can't believe they are capable of sitting in one place (if not exactly still) for such a long time - there's hope!!”

titus and dougal’s dad

“Thank you Suzanne, A wonderful film.”

gus and fordie’s mum

“The films are priceless and actually very moving too”

jake and josh’s Mum

“Thank you so much for the films.  They have been a huge hit and provided much entertainment for all the family and us. It certainly gave us some insight into the way the boys think and we were really amazed at how Josh could fabricate his fantastical life with a completely straight face throughout.  I must look out for the German police shop that sells handcuffs the next time we visit the Eiffel Tower!  Brilliant stuff and films that we will treasure always.”

archie and luella’s Mum


So perfect brought tears of laughter to our eyes.

You are so gifted and we look forward to the video diary going forward.”