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I just wanted to say a huge thank you from everyone at Harington for the wonderful film you have made for us. You have really captured us and the essence of what we do. It is moving and thoughtful, and everyone who has seen it has been absolutely blown away by it. It is completely appropriate for all our intended audiences - for potential students and their families, for local authority SEN departments, for our supporters and volunteers and for funders too, which is quite a feat to pull off. I really can’t thank you enough.

sue godwin, head of external relations, the hall school

All went HUGELY well and really I feel things couldn't have gone better! The film had SUCH an impact - lots of laughter and emotion along the way and tears & huge roar of clapping & cheering at the end... mums hugging each other & wiping away tears! SO just what we hoped for! Thank you both so very much! Going to put it on the website due to unprecedented demand & being overwhelmed by email requests! Just brilliant!

Sarah Houghton, programme leader, mental health champions, place2be

You’ve been so good to work with. Creative, responsive, flexible, nothing is a problem. It’s been an absolute pleasure.


“Working with Tapestry Pictures was more than a pleasure: it led me to look afresh at our school and to learn about its inner ticking. That's the magic of Richard's film-making - what he sees and feels, intuits and understands, immediately speaks both to those who are here and those who are looking in. And he and Suzanne are phenomenally skilled in leading a busy school with no experience of film-making through the process: focus groups, creative workshops, scripting, scheduling and filming all took place with minimal disruption; in fact, rather the reverse, they added something to our daily routine. Arrangements were perfect: calm, professional, friendly, and took account of our having other things to do. And the films repay endless re-watching: the laughs and chuckles are still fresh! Despite the first-class professionalism, the artistry, the technical expertise, we are watching a film about us and for us - nothing false, nothing flash, nothing syrupy.

chris mcminn, head, st marks hall school, primrose hill

“Many thanks for the wonderful film you made about the St Marks Hall! We were so impressed with the professional way you managed to film the school in operation with a minimal amount of disruption to our schedule. It was also wonderful to see the friendly warm approach you extended to the children which certainly brought out the best in them. The film is a true reflection of daily life at the school and you captured this beautifully. We are very happy with the process and the lovely end result. Thank you!”


“The film went down brilliantly well, and I was delighted with the response from everyone who saw it, Governors (including parent governors) teachers and other staff. Everybody was genuinely delighted with it, including one or two of the original sceptics, and quite rightly so! Yes, the second showing went very well too, and there were a few there who had seen it the previous night and were back for a second viewing! So many many thanks for all those countless hours of filming and editing – the end product is a wonderful short film which manages to capture the essence of the school in a quietly but self-evidently affectionate way. It left a lot of people saying ‘I would quite like to send my son to that school!...and I suppose that was largely the point’”


“The DVD is a delight – blending information, humour and showing a wide variety of boys and occupations.  It is hugely enjoyable and gives a wonderfully accurate impression of The Hall.  As Chairman of Governors it made me feel very proud to be associated with such a super school.”


“I just wanted to let you know that the Head showed all of the films at our foundation-wide staff meeting this morning and they went over incredibly well! Lots of laughs, sighs, oohs, awws – and a huge round of applause at the end. Since then, I’ve had a steady stream of colleagues through my office and stopping me in the hallways, quad etc to tell me how impressed they are – that the films allow our pupils to tell our story in a very natural, very genuine way. Nothing feels contrived. They are a true reflection of the school – and they are also very entertaining!”

mandy eglash, head teacher, golders hill school

“I would like to say a huge thank you to both you and Richard for the fantastic dvd – we are all so thrilled with it, and it really finishes off our new website. Feedback from parents has been very positive and I do believe that you captured the essence of the school.

All my staff found you friendly, approachable and very easy to work with and I would, without hesitation, thoroughly recommend you to other schools.”

cora saint, development director, benenden school

“Very many thanks for producing such a professional piece that so consummately captures the essence of the School – and for being such lovely people to work with – I cannot wait for everyone to see the film tomorrow.”

dick jaine, head, sherfield school

“Our experience of working with Tapestry films on the school video was a complete revelation. We expected a series of nicely filmed sections of the school and grounds that would give prospective parents an understanding of our location and facilities. What we got was something much more powerful – a strong and engaging identity. In addition to their technical expertise in filming, interviewing and production, Richard and Suzanne also know how to put the heart and soul into a film and have delivered something way beyond our expectations. They showcased our pupils’ individual personalities, achievements and aspirations beautifully and captured the essence of our school and community. We are all very proud of the end result and cannot recommend Tapestry highly enough to anyone looking to make a video”

sue godwin, head of external relations, the hall school

“I just wanted to feed back to you the nature and scale of the wonderful compliments that we’ve been receiving (on your behalf!) on the 125 video – parents, boys and Alumni have been getting in touch by phone and email to express their utter delight with the content and the quality of the filming! So, very well done and HUGE thanks to you both again.”

alex buckingham bullock, international marketing manager, chelsea independent college

“Everyone loves the film - the staff are thrilled and I could not be more pleased. I haven’t heard a single negative comment. Thank you both so much. It has been a pleasure to work with you both throughout”.

Geraldine maidment, headmistress, annemount school

Suzanne and Richard have been wonderful film-makers. Their presence was always unobtrusive, friendly and sensitive. Their manner was wholly professional and consistently positive with a commitment to meeting the briefs. We have been delighted with both films they have made for us.

We look forward to working together again in the future.